Thursday, October 2, 2014

Quietfire Design & Walnut Hollow Blog Hop Day 4 - How Beautiful Leaves Grow Old

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Poetry Journal Monthly - October 2014

Poetry Journal Monthly 
is a place to share and enjoy poetry, poets, creative journaling and each other.
PJM has moved herself over to RainbowWeaves in honor of simplicity.
Guidelines are here.
Please join me in bringing more poetry, color, creativity, journaling into our world.

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Give Mr Linky below some love and leave a comment for  a prize drawing of a
 Quietfire Design rubber stamp.
Last months winner is Krisha
Please email me your mailing info.
This months offering is written by Pablo Neruda- go read some more of his poetry!, stamps hand carved by me, in a journal of hand pounded(kneaded?) mulberry paper/

Tuesday was spent being fully present to a day of togetherness of  incarcerated Mom's  and their teen 
One of the rules was no electronics = no photos.

It was an act of Peace. We were all fed.

We made art in our journals, and with each other and these healing mountains.
Sunday was the blessing of the Rivers.
We made prayer flags and sang and danced and howled and blessed and were blessed.
We also raised $150 for scholarship for incarcerated women to go to the local Community College.
Art saves lives!
Make Poetry
Make Bread
Make Peace!

 What ever peace looks likes, smells like, tastes like to you
please be it,and let's share in it together in this digital way.

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WOYWW Oct 1- Peaks, prayer and poetry

You see before you the calm after the storm.

The floral offering is a sneak peak into the ongoing Quietfire & Walnut Hollow Blog Hop.
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The tags are byproducts of blog hop creation frenzy, and prep for a holiday sale at Fiber Arts Alliance October Meeting. If I make any money it will go towards my growing ministry with incarcerated women(see previous post) and at risk youth.
Last Sunday we held a blessing of the rivers, and raised $150 for the scholarship fund for incarcerated women to go to the local Community College. Post on that to come.

****Power of prayer and the press-today there were veggie burgers!!!***
(again see previous post) Hey you are here...sit a spell!)

If we want to save the color we need to color more!

I'm grand deprived, not even a grand pet! and always a bit green when y'all post those cutest ever photos of your grands.
Here is one of my baby...
...showing off the share of week 19 at the CSA where he works, and just a bit more!

Today being October 1 is also a new Poetry Journal Monthly post.
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Monday, September 29, 2014

T is for Tuesday- Veggie Dilemma

Today(being tuesday) I am a person of presence in a Mom and teens day for incarcerated women and their teen children.
I made these journals for the women, and am praying they will be able to take them back into the prison. 
I'm also bring cookies, and I'm making several kinds- these are basic ginger snaps.
My beverage of choice today is oat straw with fresh turmeric and ginger.
The turmeric from Full Circle Farm, gets more colorful when you cut it.
The ginger from Ol' Turtle Farm is just one of the most amazing and flavorful veggies you have ever seen, or eaten, grown by master grower Eileen.

So, this brings us to the dilemma.
Y'all know my phood philosophy.
My time with the women and teens, will include booth snacks, lunch and dinner, where, honesty I'm expecting to not want to eat anything, except my snacks.
My bottom line is if asked to bring something I bring what I would eat, and I can make snacks that will pass in popular culture.
This event in particular is not about me. It's about making a safe and enjoyable environment  for visitation for families.
It's a time for me to learn, rather than to teach.
Everyone learns, everyone teaches.
That being said, I still have to put food on my plate and make my best effort to look like I am eating it.
You get the picture.
Please leave me a comment if you have thoughts to share on this topic.

Comments and Questions always welcomed.

Do hop over to T is for Tuesday to see what others have to say today about food and drink.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WOYWW September 17- Not Much! One of....

See my desk? Bad sign.
See my interactive book ---Excuses for not doing my artwork.
The pages are removable- take one if you need it or add one.
Lots of mailing.
Getting ready for a blog hop with Walnut Hollow maker of wonderful wooden things, and they sent me
I can't deal with one of. I need to make samples and dummies and make mistakes.
(inner judgement mindless loop)
{ all the other DT members are more creative than me etc etc etc}
And now to wander the wonderful world of deskers seeking inspiration and insight!
Food and Drink here.
Poetry Journal Monthly(there be prizes!) here.
Comments and Questions Welcomed.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tale of Two Tables- Plant- Native Kitchen- T Stands four Tuesday

Celebration of my birth! continues and I was treated to two meals out this past week.
DD and I are both very vegetarian(see Phood Philosophy) and thrilled to have a vegan restaurant in Asheville.
Even a steak house has at least one Veggie option in Asheville and still, its enjoyable to have options and at Plant everything on the menu is an option!
I like that the menu lists the dishes without feeling the need to categorize i.e., salads, starters, etc.
No one likes to be typed!
We shared the massaged kale with smoky tofu
Oyster Mushroom Apricot Adobo with poblano stuffed tamale · sautéed spinach, olives, and chili  · cilantro mojo  · pickled onion and sour cream.

The kale was just the right chewiness and the dressing a perfect blend of sweet, salty and tart. The candies dried orange slices were a tasty surprise, and I am just getting ready to enjoy winter squash, of which there were a few bites.
We could have passed on the tofu add on, and didn't as I love smoked and it was made in house.
I ate it all, and it was delicious, excellent texture for tofu and no lingering smokey aftertaste.

The mushroom dish has fried pieces of, as far as I know oyster mushrooms. I like to order fried when I go out, as I don't fry at home and enjoy the crunch and taste. These fit the bill for crunch, and the breading(?) was good, tho it could have been anything inside, or nothing!
I love tamales and this one had a good pronounced corn flavor; could have had a bit more poblano.
The greens added color and texture to the plate and were delicious.
Ditto the pickled onions and  cream.
Our server was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive and set up our table for sharing, without being asked.

Again let me say how exciting it is to have  choices!

Brownie -cherries & cacao ·  walnuts ∙ chocolate sauce ∙ mint julep ice cream
Yummy for sure, tho there were some hard spots on the brownies that were very hard to chew and rough on the inside of my mouth. The brownie was very rich and moist and I had to take some of it home for later.
The ice cream is coconut based and not too coconutty, so you could take the mint and cookie flavors.
Cheesecake- pecan crust- blueberries- beet swirl ice cream
The cake was excellent, creamy, flavorful and not too heavy.
The ice cream was swirled with yellow and red beet and it tasted like beet; a bit off putting, and we ate it all!
I see they have changed the ice-cream on the current menu.
We ate outside, and as much as I enjoyed our meal, the ambience could be improved. Walking into the dining room, the planters need a green hand, and the flowers on the service bar were limp.
Some well placed plantings and/or screens would enhance the view, or they could park some luxury cars out front!
I also find the chairs uncomfortable and the food is worth it!

Native Kitchen
Native is in Swannanoa and deserves a visit if you haven't  eaten, drunk or come for the music yet.
Their are many choices for vegetarians and the kitchen does their best to keep things separate.
 There is a new chef and I forgot to ask if they fry their animal and veggies separately, so if that matters to you be sure to ask.

Lunch on a week day found myself and a friend on a lovely patio with well tended plantings and shade cloth.
I didn't get a photo, as it started to rain! just as we finished eating.
Must have are the popcorn brussels sprouts.
Just get them!
The black bean burger had me covered with ketchup , mustard and mayo on the side and a crisp lettuce leaf and slice of summer tomato.
The bun was ok if you like white bread.
The fries were a bit of a disappointment.
They used to serve thick, steak cut fries that were golden and crispy on the outside and fluffy with no extra grease on the inside and perfectly seasoned.
These were a bit limp and greasy, especially after the perfection of the brussels sprouts.

Note- both restaurants use the same plates!
My friend throughly enjoyed her roasted veggie sandwich and cleaned her plate including the potato salad side.
She let me have the last sprout as it was my birthday!
Both plates came with a very good pickle- extra points for that!

The chairs are uncomfortable here too, and  the table is a funny height for me.

Our server was friendly, knowledgeable and attentive here as well, which brings me to a short rant.
Both restaurants were very empty.
Service was excellent and we left generous tips, and that still won't pay a living wage to the servers, making $3 or so an hour plus tips.
There must be a better way.
If you have any thoughts on this, leave me a comment.

One of my photos has a glass of water which links us to
T Stands for Tuesday.
Do stop by to see what others are eating and drinking around the world.
Poetry? Journaling?
Please hop over to
Poetry Journal Monthly
and give some love to Mr. Linky.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

WOYWW September 10-Sometimes It's cheaper to Pay More

Excuses for not producing creativity :
  • I've been at the Fair(please visit here).
  • It's raining a lot.
  • Full Moon.
  • iPhone6????
  • Fill in your own....(leave it in the comments!)
It's not as if I need new is rubber I haven't even gotten to yet!
The cuts in the upper photo are the newest from Suzanne Cannon's Silhouette Store and they are beauties!
I was being cheap,    Scotch, and to make samples used lighter (65lb) paper and even tho it cut perfectly, the fines are so fine the paper couldn't hold the shape.
Hence the title.
***Word to the wise***
In digital cutting DO NOT skimp on paper quality, even if it is just a dummy or sample.

The brill Kay over at Clever Someday is sharing how to make a print file with the Cameo to fit in your embossing folders.
This one is right from the printer.
 This one is colored.
Give Miss Kay a visit and tell her I sent you!
It's not as if I haven't done anything( please visit here to prove it!)- just nothing I can show for today.
And now I will creatively hop off to visit as many deskers as I can!
Going out for a birthday diner with DD to be continued next week on T stands for Tuesday.

I'm still trying to drive traffic   sharing to my Poetry Journal Monthly posts.
Please join yourselves, and if you know of a good list to post it on please leave a comment.

Comment and questions always welcomed.