Wednesday, July 30, 2014

WOYWW? July 30-One Woman's Trash...

Stellar couple of days at the Thrift Shop!
Vintage Glue Dots- can anyone date that packaging?
When I opened the package, the charms fell out!

Three rolls of washi tape -50¢ (all prices US)
Sweet pin cushion with the pins-25¢
Look closely to see the mini- stork scissor pin!

Nice Rolodex holder with lots of cards and tabs-50¢
(need one? I'm starting to get a collection)

A tea pot bird house - 25¢-here.

Also on the desk are my fav new Quietfire Design Digital files- scroll around to read more about them.

Many many thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.
DD is texting that all is well in the land of War and Milk and Honey.
I'm taking this opportunity to practice keeping my mouth shut and praying she will do the same!
I'm open to any distracting activities from now till the evening of August 8th!

Off to desk around, dear friends!

Comment and Questions welcomed!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

15 Minute Wonders- Heart You - Hello

Suzanne of Quietfire Design, never ceases to amaze me.
Where does she get these ideas?
The elegant lettering and classic design sets my creativity into high gear!
When I chose this paper, I wasn't thinking(enough) about directional patterning and folding.
Hey, my DD is in Israel, so this card can read right to left!
All prayers for Peace, Middle East and mine, are welcomed.

The white area is your paper, and on it is the file as it comes from the Silhouette Store.
I make lots of copies of the elements before and after I ungroup for safe keeping.
(more on that here)
Pick your paper, cut, fold and paste it all up!
I added Glitter Ritz, as I had 3 minutes left!

Again, original file on the work area, duplicates ungouped all about!
The original plan was for the Hello to be the patterned paper and I didn't like how it looked, so with 5 minutes left I cut 2 more Hellos out of Desert Sand Neenah Classic Crest 80 lb and colored it with Distress weathered wood and tea dye inks.

All of the elements of the files can be used for all kinds of projects.
Please show me what you create by posting on the Quietfire Design FB page, or leave me a link to your blog.
If you art journal, share a page on 
and leave a comment to win a Quietfire Rubber Stamp.

Comments and Questions always welcomed.

Honey, I shrunk the Rainbow!

M current favorite Quietfire Design Digital File
ATC Style!

Here is the file as it come from the Store- 99¢!!!!!!
I am still using V2, so if you have upgraded things may have changed.
First  make an ATC sized box to help resize the pieces.
Then shrink your file down some before you ungroup to keep all the individual elements in scale to each other.
Ungroup and fill in with color using the color fill tool.
The line colors were set also.
Arrange all the pieces inside the box and set all the lines to no cut in the cut style window.
Turn on the registration marks and send the file to the printer.
Below is the file ready to print.
Make lots of copies of everything BEFORE you mess with them, so you can just delete big mess ups and start over. 
This is faster and easier sometimes than using the undo function.
Sometimes lots of messing about corrupts files, and if you delete and start with the original file all shall be well!

Below is the printed page ready for cutting.
Turn the outside box lines on to cut in the cut style window.


This file is so versatile !
This card uses all the elements as cuts.

All you scrapers out there, please show us what you can create with this fun file!
I need a lot of rainbows in my life!

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

Monday, July 28, 2014

One wild and precious life

Sharon Nolfi is a digital friend from Val's Artist's, a FB page for those who have taken, or want to take classes from Val Webb, creative nurturer extraordinaire!
In addition to her artwork/play, Sharon is a freelance writer with articles and literary essays published worldwide.
Sharon doesn't have a blog, so I am posting here so this fab page can be shared over at
 Poetry Journal Monthly.

You can find out more about  Val's classes on her FB page.

Do join us in sharing our art, color and our love for poetry.

Poetry except from, The Summer Day by Mary Oliver.

Tea 4... the birds!

I had  a stellar day at the thrift store Saturday and couldn't resist this tea pot bird house!
25¢ US!
Short shrift today, so please come back tomorrow for more details!

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WOYWW July 23-Mail-This and That- A Prayer Request-Breaking! Rainbows!!!!!

Lots of this and that going on..
Painting postcards for therapy.
A step card going to DF in Portugal.
A RAK envie(i'm copying the lettering and illustration).
Lovely photo card from my Spiritual Friend.
Random ATC.

Suzanne sent this Over the Rainbow file as I was writing this post!
Stil messing about. You'll see a lot more of this!
You can print or cut or both!!
.99cents US people!

How fun is this?
A cut file that folds into a washi tape organizer  and  craft room labels for everything!!!!!
The white labels are Print and Cut, and the mats are simple cut files.
Come you, you can do it. I'll help!
If you are machineless or digital cutting impaired, you can print out these files with your printer and cut with scissors or dies.

Write or read me a poem.
Journal it.
Post it on my blog
Poetry Journal Monthly
Leave a comment, win a prize
(chances of winning are good!)

Prayer Request
Sunday I will be taking my daughter to the airport for the first leg of a 10 day trip to Israel.
I know God(fess) will keep her safe, so pray for me to keep knowing that.
It's probably just as dangerous to go to Atlanta!

Thanks for visiting, and welcoming me to your place.
I try to visit from both ends of Mr. Linky and names that are new to me.
I try to visit anyone who visits me, if you leave a number or link to you blog.
If you ask a question be sure to leave some contact info, or check back for an on blog reply.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

T 4 Tuesday- Meet Julia Child!

Meet Julia Child.
She's being a bit shy on this cloudy day, so you'll have to be content with her 4 buds.
The blooms are butter yellow, and scented of anise.

I'm continuing with the lemon balm tea, here sitting in the stevia plant pot hoping for a bit of sun to seep it.

While you're here enjoying your beverage of choice, do scroll down to see what else I have been up to, while I pop 'round your place to do the same!

Comments and questions welcomed!